596 Acres Seeking Django Developer

596 Acres is looking for a Python and Django full-stack developer to help create a new website based on our Living Lots framework. You will work with our lead developer (Eric) to map vacant land and provide organizing tools (similar [...]

News from the Acres: New Year!

Let City staff know: this land is our land! Next Wednesday, January 11, two opportunities: In the morning, Stand with Brownsville Organizers to Oppose City Giving Public Land Away for Expensive Private Homes In Brownsville at Municipal Building Disposition Hearing. Local [...]

News from the Acres: Supporting Community Development since 2011

WELCOME OUR NEW COMMUNITY LAND ACCESS PROGRAM ORGANIZER “Over the past three weeks, everyone that I’ve met through my new position has reminded me that the mission of 596 Acres is not to build community gardens (although we help [...]

Welcome Alicia

As we close out 2016, 596 Acres is really excited to welcome our new New York City Community Land Access Program Organizer, Alicia Rodgers. In her own words… I am excited to join 596 Acres after completing my Master [...]

News from the Acres: We Can Repair Our Divides

RALLY TO SAVE GREEN VALLEY FARM NEXT SATURDAY Next Saturday, December 17 at 10am, urban farmers and neighbors are holding a rally to saveGreen Valley Community Garden & Farmers Market at New Lots Ave and Sackman Street. Although the Mayor promised [...]

596 Acres Testifies at City Council on Inaccessible Parks Department Properties

Across NYC, acres of Parks Department land sit behind fences. Dozens of Parks Department buildings are boarded up. Last Thursday, December 1, City Council’s Committee on Parks and Recreation hosted a public hearing: “An Examination of Parks Department Properties Currently [...]

Small Gifts, Seismic Shifts

We need our community spaces now more than ever. Resilience relies on the strength of our communities. We need places to build those strengths. Nothing takes place without a place. By giving to 596 Acres by the calendar end, you allow [...]

News from the Acres: Lots to Be Thankful For

Since 2011, we have supported New Yorkers who transformed 37 vacant lots into community spaces and successfully advocated for 53 community spaces to gain permanent protections. Through our efforts together, 39 community spaces were permanently preserved in 2016 alone! In a city [...]

News from the Acres: Space is the Place

TONIGHT! Protecting Our Places! Know Your Rights on Not-for-Profit Tax Exemptions is tonight, Thursday, November 10 from 6pm to 8:30pm at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center Campus at 155 W 60th Street in Manhattan, Room 109B. Does your nonprofit or [...]

News from the Acres: Places We Love

Our hearts are breaking: 89 community properties use were included in the 2016 tax lien sale. They are churches, mosques, veterans’ organizations and Tot Lots. Nearly all of these bills should have never been sent in the first place: churches, non-profit organizations and other charities [...]

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