As of June 1, 2018, 596 Acres is without a staff.,, and will continue to exist as digital resources for communities to access the information and tools we developed over the years and to organize online.

Unfortunately, we are not able at this time to provide direct advocacy or support for other projects. All emails and communications will be archived, but we cannot guarantee a response. Any changes to the status of our organization will be announced on

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our successes and persevered through our failures.



The 596 Acres Advisory Committee

596 Acres, Inc. Board of Directors

Chad Berkowitz
Eric Brelsford
Kristin Booth Glen
Moses Gates
Paula Z. Segal
Rachel Dobkin


Paula Z. Segal, Co-Founder, Lead Facilitator and Executive Director 2011-2016
Eric Brelsford, Co-Founder, Software Developer and Data Analyst Consultant

Mara Kravitz, Executive Assistant 2016Co-Director  2017-May 2018
Stephanie Alvarado, Co-Director  2017-May 2018
Rachel Dobkin, 
Co-Director  2017-May 2018
Sam Raby, Web Tools Developer Intern 2017-18
Shannon Dulaney, Summer Community Advocacy Intern 2017
Hannah Foster,
Summer Community Advocacy Intern 2017
Sam Kohn,
Summer Groundtruther 2017
Tim Nottage,
Summer Groundtruther 2017
Tiera Mack
, Summer & Fall 2016 Intern
Francisco Miranda, Summer 2016 Intern
Shannon Pepper, Summer 2016 Intern
Josh Bisker, Fall 2015 Intern
Meredith Degyansky, NYC Community Land Access Program Administrator, Fall 2015
Mary Elizabeth Prall, Organizer for the NYC Land Access Program, 2012-2015
Rachel Albetski, Winter 2015 Intern
Jakob Winkler, 2015 Spring Intern
Alexandra Venner (Zanny), Spring 2015 Intern
Marissa Provenza, 2014 Fall Intern
Jonathan Lapalme, Strategist
Anthony Mohen, Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Attorney
Gabriel Willow, Chief Naturalist & Ecological Advisor In Residence
Mary Berecka, Spring-Summer 2014 Intern
Faith Titilawo, Summer 2014 East New York Farms! Extern
Andrew Tucker, Development Associate, 2013-2014
Matthew DelSesto, 2013-2014 Research Fellow
Aviva Coopersmith, Winter 2013 Intern
Anandi Gandhi, Fall 2013 Research Fellow
Julian Maxwell, 2013 Legal Intern
Julia Samuels, Digital Imaging Specialist, 2010-2013
Richard Semegram, Communications and Legislative Coordinator, 2013
Cheyenna Layne Weber, Interim NYC Community Land Access Program Organizer, 2013
Kaitlin Dougherty, 2013 NYC Community Land Access Program Summer Organizing Fellow Manhattan
Kimberly Beazer, 2013 NYC Community Land Access Program Summer Organizing Fellow Bronx
Rosemarie Miner, Summer 2013 Brooklyn Outreach Fellow
Lucy McFadden, Fall 2012 Intern
Eva Meszaros, 2011-2012 Development Associate
Oksana Miranova, 2011-2012 Data Analyst
Cameron Moss, 2011-2012 Web Design Intern

Advisory Committee

The 596 Acres advisory committee is made up of leaders from sites organized using our tools, members of partner organizations, and team member alumni.

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