596 Acres: Exportable Tactics!

We ran some Google analytics and noticed that folks all over the world are checking out our site. The green areas are all places that have virtually checked out the Acres. This is great news. Maps and signs and [...]

Who Needs Fences?

At Sunday’s general meeting, we had the pleasure of meeting Claudia Joseph of New York Permaculture Exchange. We were talking about fences, and how communities can work to make their public spaces truly accessible to all the publics near [...]

596 Acres of Reclaimed Parking Lots

We recently ran into a fun blog post from last fall where the author calculates the number of parking lots (“If a parking spot spends most of its time occupied by an empty motor vehicle does that make it [...]

December News (You Can’t Hold Back Spring)

Hello from the Acres! We know it’s been a while, and a lot has happened. So here’s the news in brief: NEWS FROM THE ACRES — 462 Halsey Community Garden is open – bring your compost! — FEEDback Farms [...]

NYC Land Inventory Reporting Law Signed By Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a bill into law yesterday that will require the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) to inventory and make publicly accessible data about city owned and leased property, as well as make a determination about [...]

JULY news

Hello land-lovers! There is still an abundance of vacant public land in Brooklyn — and in the other boroughs. 596 Acres has put up signs on some of it, telling neighbors that the lots are owned by the city [...]

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