PRESS RELEASE: 596 Acres Expanding Tactics to Manhattan and Queens

596 Acres is expanding to Queens and Manhattan.  596 Acres creates tools to connect New Yorkers to vacant public land. With 596 Acres’ expansion into Queen and Manhattan, nearly four million more New Yorkers will have access to the [...]

Testify for New York City to Fund GreenThumb for the FIRST TIME EVER

This message is from our friends at New Yorkers For Parks. You can read 596 Acres’ testimony in support of NYC funding GreenThumb here. NY4P leads a RALLY at CITY HALL next Tuesday, June 5 at 10am in the Fight Against [...]

A Public Space is One With NO Fence — Or At Least An Open Gate!

Here at 596 Acres, our goal is to create spaces where communities can come together in PUBLIC, with everyone in the neighborhood. We work with individuals and groups who want to steward these spaces, but our ultimate goal is [...]


Since our goal is to help people organize, we didn’t think it was helpful to show lots that you can’t get to or that are to small to stand in on this map. BUT: These lots are interesting. And [...]

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