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3 important wins for community land access…

As we rapidly approach the beta-release of LA Open Acres, three important things have happened since our last newsletter.

  1.  #FreeLotsAngeles’ first event was a success in Watts
  2. Mayor Garcetti released an Executive Directive on Open Data
  3. People St launched

Whether you have a new interest in re-imagining vacant space or you’re on the front lines of community land access it’s an exciting and important time to be in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for updates related to the above, and be sure to check out the great resources and opportunities below!

Do you know about these 8 low-tech, high-impact strategies for vacant space?
Call for Abstracts: how do you turn vacant acres into community resources?
Cash prizes available for designing projects to fill vacant space.
Do you have a story, update, or event you would like to add on
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Transforming Inner-City Lost Lots 

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust is currently leading a research effort to better understand publicly-owned vacant lots called Transforming Inner-City Lost Lots (or TILL for short). The results of this research will inform the development of a Greening Plan in park and community garden poor areas of Los Angeles. They’ve already held neighborhood forums in South LA and Pacoima with forums planned in East LA and Wilmington in the near future.

If you are interested in participating in the research by collecting data or participating in a forum please contact TILL Project Manager Israel Cruz at

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