596 Acres visits the Oakland Community Land Trust

Communities can own and protect land for public good through community land trusts! When Stephanie and I were in Oakland for the nonprofit democracy network convening last week, we had the pleasure of connecting with Steve King of the Oakland Community Land [...]

596 Acres-Inspired Project Launches in Montreal!

Lande unveils its collaborative map of Montreal’s vacant land Created in September for Je vois Montréal, Lande (previously named Urburb), launched this week their first tool to facilitate the repossession of vacant land by Montrealers: the collaborative platform, allows [...]

Vacant Acres: A Belated Follow Up and Thank You!

Remember how great it was for us all to be together here in April at the Vacant Acres symposium? If you’ve forgotten, check out this great report-back by Rachel Dobkin with the help of participants plus photos by Marco Clausen. We at 596 Acres [...]

Report Back from the Vacant Acres Symposium: Advocates From All Over the World!

On April 22nd and 23rd, 596 Acres and the Tishman Environment and Design Center at the New School co-hosted the first ever Vacant Acres Symposium, bringing together knowledgeable and passionate (and badass!) urban vacant land advocates from around the [...]

LA Open Acres: Free the lots, free the streets, free the data!

A project of Community Health Councils, 596 Acres, and C-Lab Free the lots, free the streets, free the data! 3 important wins for community land access… As we rapidly approach the beta-release of LA Open Acres, three important things [...]

Philadelphia Adopts Milestone Ordinance to Transform Vacant Properties (an article about one of our partner projects written by staff at another)

The best part of building our small network of community land access advocates using participatory mapping and available data to strengthen their local work: seeing the network really take on a life of its own. Our partners in Philadelphia, [...]

Building An International Urban Community Land Access Network

In the “quiet” of the NYC mayoral transition, we are taking some time to get organized with our friends from around the country and around the world, building a network of community land access facilitators and planning for bringing [...]

NY State Community Land Access Advocates Urge Cuomo To Sign Bill Requiring Cities to Respond to Requests for Access to Public Land Within 180 Days – You Can Help!

A statewide coalition of community land access advocates has signed and sent the letter below to Governor Cuomo, encouraging him to sign a bill that would expand the authority of the State office of Community Gardens and create timelines [...]


MEDIA CONTACTS: Paula Z. Segal, Executive Director & Legal Director of NYC Community Land Access Program, 596 Acres, 646.276.3865, Sanjay Kharod, Executive Director, New Orleans Food & Farm Network, 504.483.6967, NEW ORLEANS, La. – 596 Acres, [...]

LA Open Acres Project Launch

Last week, we started our partnership with C-Lab and Community Health Councils in Los Angeles with a research trip that included a Vacant Land Summit. A recap from the summit and a description of the project’s next steps is [...]

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