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Lande unveils its collaborative map of Montreal’s vacant land

Created in September for Je vois Montréal, Lande (previously named Urburb), launched this week their first tool to facilitate the repossession of vacant land by Montrealers: the collaborative platform, allows residents to track down vacant land in their neighbourhood and demonstrate their interest in participating in the transformation process.

Vacant land: a vast potential for residents

According to the City’s data, in 2010 there was 25 square kilometers of vacant land in Montreal. This is equal to the surface of 32 Botanical Gardens. These spaces have the potential of becoming collective gardens, parks, or recreational areas in order to enhance the quality of life in Montreal’s central neighbourhoods.

The objective: form groups of neighbors and help them with their project

Thanks to the new collaborative platform, Lande connects neighbors that want to contribute to the process of transforming public or private vacant land. Lande can then help the group transforming the space with their questions regarding the regulation related to the land, negotiation with the owner, and communication. The objective of the non-profit organization is to reduce all obstacles that stand in the group’s way in their project of transforming their vacant land into a collective garden, park, or recreational area.

A Land Access Advocacy Network

Lande is part of an active network of land access facilitators. Lande has benefited from the consultation of596 Acres, the pioneer organization in land access advocacy. In the past, 596 Acres has help bring to life similar initiatives in Philadelphia (Grounded in Philly), Los Angeles (LA Open Acres) and New Orleans (Living Lots NOLA).

A long-waited and winning initiative

At Je vois Montréal, bringing together leaders from various backgrounds and aiming to breathe new life into the city, Lande is committed to facilitate the transformation of 5 vacant lots by 2017. The creation of the collaborative platform is the first step towards the realisation of this commitment.

At écoHackMTL 2014, Lande was awarded with the Food System Prize for it’s potential to create durable food systems, as well as the People’s Choice Prize.

About Lande

Lande facilitates the repossession of vacant lands in Montreal by residents for permanent or temporary usage. The organization helps reveal the potential of these spaces in order to enhance the quality of life in Montreal’s central neighbourhoods.


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