596 Acres visits the Oakland Community Land Trust

Communities can own and protect land for public good through community land trusts! When Stephanie and I were in Oakland for the nonprofit democracy network convening last week, we had the pleasure of connecting with Steve King of the Oakland Community Land [...]

Letter to Chief of Parklands Requesting Transfer of Vacant City-Owned Lots to NYC Parks for FIVE NEW COMMUNITY GARDENS!

August 31, 2017 Colleen Alderson Chief of Parklands and Real Estate NYC Department of Parks and Recreation 830 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10065 RE: Request for transfer of vacant lots to NYC Parks so they can become GreenThumb [...]

Small Gifts, Seismic Shifts

We need our community spaces now more than ever. Resilience relies on the strength of our communities. We need places to build those strengths. Nothing takes place without a place. By giving to 596 Acres by the calendar end, you allow [...]

596 Acres-Inspired Project Launches in Montreal!

Lande unveils its collaborative map of Montreal’s vacant land Created in September for Je vois Montréal, Lande (previously named Urburb), launched this week their first tool to facilitate the repossession of vacant land by Montrealers: the collaborative platform, allows [...]

Building An International Urban Community Land Access Network

In the “quiet” of the NYC mayoral transition, we are taking some time to get organized with our friends from around the country and around the world, building a network of community land access facilitators and planning for bringing [...]

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