The NYC Department of Finance sells tax debt owed to the city to private speculative debt collectors each year through the tax lien sale. It routinely includes active nonprofits, even though they are exempt from paying taxes as per New York State law.

Our successful campaign in 2017 brought together grassroots and elected advocates to protect 360 key community properties from the annual sale and to champion new legislation that will stop this problem in future years! Now we are turning to the properties put at risk by prior years’ sales.

We could use your help contacting the people who run these places: 

Kips Bay Community Association, Inc.
Metro Comm Meth Church
Mt Pleasant Christian
Church of the Master, Inc.
The Minority Task Force on Aids, Inc.
St Peter’s Lutheran Church
MHHC Corp.
The True Witness Shiloh Apostolic Church
MMC Corporation
Church of God of Crotona Avenue, Inc.
Baitul Aman Islamic Center Inc.
Jerusalem Christian Church Inc 
Congregation OHR Menachem 
Morning Star Highway Church of Christ
Congregation & Yeshiva Ateres Shmiel Dsaylish 
St Grace Prot Chapl I
Wyckoff Heights Medic
Borough Development Group 
Linroc Nursing Homein
Paul J Cooper Center for Human Services Inc. 
Fernande Valme Ministries
Toldos Yakov Yosef, Inc.
Congregation Tehilos
Yeshiva Gedolah Tefereth Shmuel
Mor Markowitz (clergy)
Jesus is Lord Church of SDA
Sephardic Center of  Mi
Congregation Vayechiyos
Pentecostal Faith CHU
Bushwick Helping Hand/ Randolph Ferdinand Ministries
Beth Shalom Inc
Congregation Nachlei Emunah
Congregation V’yoel M
Overcoming Love Ministries Inc.
Bushwick Helping Hand/ Randolph Ferdinand Ministries
Bangladesh Society In
Bethel International
Angeldocs, Inc. 
Rugged Cross Ch./Pray
Mt. Pleasant Pentecost
Haven Ministries
New Greater Bethel Interdenominational Church, Inc.
Yeshiva and Masivta Tiferes Torah

These groups may not know that they have a lien. They may need help reaching the NYC Department of Finance Taxpayer Advocate so they can get that lien defected. They may need help finding a lawyer to defend a foreclosure proceeding. Here’s what you can do:

Use the green sections of this spreadsheet to track your progress. When you contact people, you can say:

  • The city illegally charged you taxes between 2011 and 2016, even though you are a nonprofit.
  • They sold the debt on those illegally-charged taxes to Wall Street investors sometime between 2011 and 2016.
  • Those collectors can initiate foreclosure on your place. Let’s stop that from happening!
  • To stop it, contact David Crotty at the Taxpayer Advocate’s office immediately:, (212) 312-6588. Tell him that you are a nonprofit and that the lien against your property that was sold between 2011 and 2016 needs to be defected.
  • Contact Mara at 596 Acres for any further assistance:, (718) 316-6092 X3.

Thank you for helping protect our places!

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