This Summer, join the 596 Acres team to add key details to a new tool for NYC community land access. Created in collaboration with Common Cause/NY and the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center, will bring New Yorkers accurate information about our key public places: post office buildings, libraries, New York City Housing Authority campuses, parks, gardens, vacant lots, and city-owned waterfronts. It’s live now at

We are hiring a researcher to add information about each site on the map. We want to know which ones are slated for development, which ones were included in master plans and where government agencies have plans to transfer properties to private owners.

Requirements: attention to detail; a love of the City Record; familiarity with government disposition processes, OpenData and ACRIS; fearlessness in weaving through phone mazes and asking strangers for help; ability to translate complex concepts for a general audience.

This is a contract position for 200 hours, to be completed by September 1, 2017. You will be working remotely and creating your own schedule. Pay is $30/hour.

To apply: send resume, cover letter describing what makes you the perfect person for the job, and a summary of how city-owned waterfront properties become privately-owned (yup – it’s a test!) to by Wednesday, July 5 at 5pm.

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