For stories of our impact in 2017, you can download the 2017 Impact Report in pdf form here. Or, scroll to the bottom of this page to read it like a book. (There’s a button at left to make the book full-screen.) Funding info below.

Our thanks to Alexander McSwain for the Impact Report design, and to Yehuda Blum for designing this poster for the reverse side of the printed Impact Report:



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Thank you so much to all of the donors that made our impacts in 2017 possible:

Brooklyn Community Foundation
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Hudson River Foundation
New York Community Trust (for NYCommons)

Jennifer Akchin

Nandini Bagchee

Sashti Balasundaram

Addie Baughman

Chad Berkowitz

Lilias C Biberman Evans

Lucinda Block

Toby Blum-Dobkin

Conor Bohan

Wendy Brawer

Keith Carr

Paul Castrucci

Jesse Chan Norris

Eric Chaves

Andrew Cohen

Camille Cosco

Murray Cox

Alessandra Dalessio

Darma Diaz

Rachel Dobkin

Brenda Duchene

Barbara Epler

Rebecca Foon

Sheila Foster

Patrick Foster

Sandra Fox

Jane Freidson

Evan Casper Futterman

Moses Gates

Mara Gittelman

Kristin Booth Glen

Nora Gordon

Elliott Grieco

Tom Hallaran

Taylor Hard

Linda Harper

Ezekiel Healy

John Hornickel

Michael Hurwitz

Alison Iven

Amanda Jack

Tami Johnson

Jeannine Kiely

Lisa Kravitz

Alexandra LaMond

Michele Lampach

Taliah Lampert

Matt Levy

Michele Lewis

Gil Lopez

Rebecca Losick

Jennifer MacFarlane

Andrea McArdle

Ena K McPherson

Isak Mendes

Jay Michaelson

Oksana Mironova

Mariana Mogilevich

Oona Morrow

James Mulry

Jang Mun

Deana Murtha

Carah Naseem

Amanda Neville

Keita Nishimaru

Sophie Oberfield

Gabriel Park

Shannon Pepper

Mary Elizabeth Prall

Jane Rapaport

Samantha Raymond

Adam Ring

Josh Ring

Yael Rosenstock

Elissa Sampson

Julia Samuels

Zachary Schulman

Richard Semegram

David Smiley

Richard Stephens

Maya Suess

Merran Swartwood

Greg Todd

Amelia Vlah

Stephan von Muehlen

Adrien Weibgen

Heidi Wendel

Marlisa Wise

Avery Wolf

Susan Wolfram

David Zackin

Omar Zoheri

Here’s some info about where our funding came from in 2017, and how we used it:

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