It seems that we have really done what needed to be done. Our collective efforts have shone a spotlight on the variety of human suffering on Rockaway peninsula as a result of Sandy.

Going forward, 596 Acres and UnLocal will go back to doing what we’re always doing: giving communities control of their land resources and immigration legal services. We will continue to collaborate to provide legal assistance to those affected by the storm. Please volunteer here and we will share opportunities to provide legal assistance in the community:

If you would like to volunteer in any other capacity (food provision, canvassing, demolition and house clean ups, and of course! rebuilding), please do. There are many community groups in Rockaway who truly would love your participation in their efforts. For starters, take a look at the list of Community Based Relief Sites that have emerged in response to the events of the last days. These are great places to go to plug in. Also, feel free to just come out and talk to people – they will surely tell you what you can do to help the recovery.

We are really excited about the community that has come together around these efforts and what we’ve been able to accomplish is nothing short of amazing. We’re excited about the future. Really: nothing will ever be the same.


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