Want land for your cultural institution? It’s available.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) gained access to the city-owned vacant lot at 31 Lafayette Avenue for use as a bike park and art installation in 2013. 596 Acres NYC Team had a great meeting with BAM’s Chief Financial Officer Keith Stubblefield this week and learned about the [...]

Teach. Imagine. Grow.

Download the 596 Acres curriculum (PDF). A land access advocacy curriculum and educational tool by 596 Acres. 596 Acres is a public education project aimed at making communities aware of the land resources around them. With the twin goals [...]

Earth Day Thoughts from 596 Acres

For Earth Day this year, we have one simple request: don’t volunteer. To be sure, shoveling dirt for a couple hours is nice, planting one tree does have a lifetime of impact, and picking up litter on the beach [...]

Acres’ People

Thanks to our friends at Good Eye Video (Brooklyn NY, cinematography) and Daniel from Contorno (Brasil, editing and animation), we have this great new video of organizers speaking about the lots in their lives. We’re so glad to be able [...]

Lots of Land/Land of Lots

Friend and collaborator Daniel Eizirik is working on documenting public vacant lots with 596 Acres this winter, in conjunction with the exhibition “On Purpose” at the BRIC Rotunda gallery (33 Clinton Street, Brooklyn Heights). The drawings are created through [...]

A Public Space is One With NO Fence — Or At Least An Open Gate!

Here at 596 Acres, our goal is to create spaces where communities can come together in PUBLIC, with everyone in the neighborhood. We work with individuals and groups who want to steward these spaces, but our ultimate goal is [...]


Since our goal is to help people organize, we didn’t think it was helpful to show lots that you can’t get to or that are to small to stand in on this map. BUT: These lots are interesting. And [...]

Who Needs Fences?

At Sunday’s general meeting, we had the pleasure of meeting Claudia Joseph of New York Permaculture Exchange. We were talking about fences, and how communities can work to make their public spaces truly accessible to all the publics near [...]

596 Acres of Reclaimed Parking Lots

We recently ran into a fun blog post from last fall where the author calculates the number of parking lots (“If a parking spot spends most of its time occupied by an empty motor vehicle does that make it [...]

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