FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rally at City Hall following introduction of bill to exempt charities from tax lien sale

New bill to exempt charities from tax lien sale Rally at City Hall following introduction of bill and announcing other developments Contact: Ben Roussel (212-255-2575 or NEW YORK — This week, 2017, a bill will be introduced to [...]


Deadline is next Thursday, May 11: WE COULD LOSE 349 OF OUR PLACES!  Active community centers, gardens, churches, cultural hubs, veteran’s resource centers and other nonprofit-owned properties that New Yorkers rely on are entitled to tax exemptions by NYS law. Their [...]


The Housing Not Warehousing Act will add transparency and accountability to vacant public and private property in our neighborhoods. This package of three bills will create a registry that all individuals and corporations holding their property vacant have to enter or pay [...]

596 Acres Testifies at City Council on Inaccessible Parks Department Properties

Across NYC, acres of Parks Department land sit behind fences. Dozens of Parks Department buildings are boarded up. Last Thursday, December 1, City Council’s Committee on Parks and Recreation hosted a public hearing: “An Examination of Parks Department Properties Currently [...]

Protect Community Property from the Threat of the Tax Lien Sale

1100 Bergen Community garden, owned by its block association for decades, was at risk of having tax debt sold to an investor-backed trust when an administrator failed to file the annual property tax exemption renewal. We worked with gardeners [...]

Testimony in Support of People Power Over Properties with Deed Restrictions Placed On Behalf of Us New Yorkers

Thank you for holding this hearing and accepting my testimony today. My name is Paula Segal. I am an attorney and the founding director of New York City’s Community Land Access Advocacy organization, 596 Acres. I am here to [...]

596 Acres Testifies at City Council on the Housing Not Warehousing Act

The story that we often hear is that real estate in New York City is running out. In this atmosphere of scarcity, communities are asked to choose between necessities: parks and gardens, much-needed housing for seniors, a day care [...]

Take Community Property and Vacant Land Out of the NYC Tax Lien Sale

The City of New York is poised to sell liens on community property and vacant lots in our neighborhoods to private speculative trusts next week. This is how the City gives up its leverage over properties where taxes have not been [...]

City Council Hearing Today on Proposed Urban Agriculture Advisory

The New York City Council Committee on Economic Development is holding a hearing at 1pm today at 250 Broadway on the 14th Floor on a proposed bill that would create an Urban Agriculture Advisory Committee to advise on “matter[s] [...]

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