596 Acres visits the Oakland Community Land Trust

Communities can own and protect land for public good through community land trusts! When Stephanie and I were in Oakland for the nonprofit democracy network convening last week, we had the pleasure of connecting with Steve King of the Oakland Community Land [...]

Tax Lien Sale Advocacy Makes Substantial Wins (But It’s Not Over!)

Winning! The annual NYC Department of Finance Tax Lien Sale, policy since 1996, puts our neighborhoods at risk in several ways. Here’s what our collective advocacy to protect them has seen so far: 360 active community properties are not in jeopardy  In February, the [...]

We’re hiring a Director of Advocacy

About 596 Acres 596 Acres champions resident stewardship of land to build more just and equitable cities. We believe that neighbors should have a say in how land is used in their communities. By helping regular New Yorkers secure [...]

Here We Take Care of Our Legacy of Lead

  596 Acres was one of the founding members of the Legacy Lead Consortium for NYC!  Lead is concentrated in urban environments, a legacy of human practices that traditionally used this element in paint, gasoline, insulation, and numerous other [...]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: On the day of the deadline to settle debt with the city, sixteen NYC Council Members call on NYC Department of Finance to exempt community properties and vacant lots from the tax lien sale

Just this morning, sixteen New York City Council Members sent NYC’s Department of Finance Commissioner Jacques Jiha a letter calling for recently tax-exempt charity properties and vacant lots to be excluded from its 2017 tax lien sale. Today is [...]


Deadline is next Thursday, May 11: WE COULD LOSE 349 OF OUR PLACES!  Active community centers, gardens, churches, cultural hubs, veteran’s resource centers and other nonprofit-owned properties that New Yorkers rely on are entitled to tax exemptions by NYS law. Their [...]

Introducing Mara Kravitz, 596 Acres’ Director of Partnerships

People have been asking me: what does it mean, partnerships? We already inevitably share our city. We create it together at each moment with the lives we are living. We each depend on it for our survival, and we [...]

596 Acres Testifies at City Council on Inaccessible Parks Department Properties

Across NYC, acres of Parks Department land sit behind fences. Dozens of Parks Department buildings are boarded up. Last Thursday, December 1, City Council’s Committee on Parks and Recreation hosted a public hearing: “An Examination of Parks Department Properties Currently [...]

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