News from the Acres: #eminentdomain4good

Community gardens are not only places to grow fresh food and enjoy the great outdoors with your neighbors. They are also prime locations for pop-up libraries, shows, art-making, meal-sharing, and all kinds of educational and cultural programming that make communities vibrant and strong. [...]

For immediate release: Court Questions LLC’s Claim to Ownership of Community Garden, Throwing Wrench in Prospect-Lefferts Development Plans

The Maple Street Community Garden, threatened with eviction and targeting by restraining orders throughout the last year, is safe for now. On Friday, Judge Mark Partnow of the Kings County Supreme Court responded affirmatively to gardeners’ motions to dismiss a claim [...]

How the Tax Lien Sale is Making Vacant Lots In Your Neighborhood More Terrible (and putting community land at risk)

A big reason that private owners of vacant and abandoned properties in our neighborhoods don’t face consequences when they don’t pay taxes and let weeds and trash pile up on their properties is that the City sells the tax debt to private collection agencies instead of [...]

What Do We Do With Our Land? — annotating community land stewardship on the Lower East Side for the New Museum IDEAS CITY Festival

“Gaining our freedom is, in the first place, ripping off a few acres from the face of a domesticated planet.” –Attila Kotanyi and Raoul Vaneigem, “manifesto of unitary urbanism” Invisible structures and invisible histories make cities as we know [...]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Brooklyn Gardeners Protecting Their Plots, In Court

A large solidarity group is supporting Maple Street Community Garden in its fight against eviction. At the last hearing in Housing Court on April 1st, 2015, a group of approximately two dozen supporters stood in solidarity with the gardeners [...]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Yorks Ride Bikes to Connect Gardens Under Threat

Saturday, April 18, 2015, 2-6pm (detailed schedule below) Join Public Space Party, the New York City Community Garden Coalition and 596 Acres to ride to small gardens and community parks that add essential depth to New York City’s open [...]

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