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Mid-October Press Roundup

October 23, 2011

An article on the Boston Society of Architects mentions us:

"Taking a guerrilla campaigning approach to urban farming, the group has tagged numerous abandoned lots with posters and contact numbers of local agencies in an effort to gain support for a local bill that would allow the city to turn the empty lots over to local residents for community farms. Although their goals may seem like a long shot to some, the idea of creating a network of microgrowing areas throughout the borough is a powerful suggestion of the potential and pragmatism that reprogramming empty lots represents."

Grist points to our collaboration with 350 for Insert ____ Here in an article about community responses to global warming in NYC.

Meanwhile, our friend Paula has been witnessing an occupation happening in Sao Paulo. We're excited to see that these worldwide protests for economic justice are also challenging our conceptions of urban space. One early response has been an interactive map for rating the publicly-owned private spaces in NYC that you work near (or plan on occupying).