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Maps For Other Cities!

What if I'm in another city? Where do I start looking for land that my neighbors and I can use? 

The place to start is the City or County Property Register, which will tell you definitively who owns what.  Usually, the register is set up for use by those who have a particular property in mind. You'll want to find out how to contact the office that maintains the Register in your city or county and call them: ask how to get a list or map of public land. Your City Planning Department might also be a help. We started our project with data, but if you have a particular property in mind, you'll be able to follow the steps we outline on the advacacy resources page.

The code for this site and some of his other projects is available on GitHub, and you're invited to poke at it and reuse it however you like.

The 596 Acres Team is available to consult with you on your project in another city. Contact us to discuss a fee-structure for customizing tools and tactics for your group or organization. 

We're really proud of these partnerships: 

We're creating a practice of building online tools neighbors can use to clear hurdles to community land access. The tools turn city data into information about particular pieces of land and connect people to one another through simple social networking functions. 

You're welcome to borrow everything and build your own tools, too. Check out 3000acres in Melbourne, who are creating a local variant of organizing model that doesn't use municipal data but is getting Melbourne growing.