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Rockaway Relief Common Questions

Please check our up-to-date list of relief needs and places accepting materials.

We are overwhelmed by the response to our previous posts about grassroots Sandy relief. Actually, seriously overwhelmed. Before emailing us please check out these common questions and their up-to-date answers. We want to be helpful, but the glut of email has made it very difficult to do so! We know you understand.


1. What do I do with stuff I want to donate?

Please take them to Gowanus Studio Space (166 7th Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn). We are synthesizing up to date lists of what folks need now, every 6-12 hours. Look here.  

2. What do I do with my car?

Enter your information into our ride share form. It will be visible here, and people who need rides will get in touch with you.

3. How can I join a cleanup crew or volunteer some other way?

Go to Surf Club in the Rockaways: 302 beach 87th st, Queens, NY. Someone can help you find a volunteer action and a location. Need a ride? Check our ride share spreadsheet.

4. How can I help with food?

Join the Rockaways Food Relief Group to coordinate with others who want to prepare and distribute food. 

Thank you for all that you are doing! From here you can find more context about our efforts.