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News from the Acres

News from the Acres - September 23, 2016 23 September 2016

happy autumnal equinox! We are so happy to have facilitated the creation and permanent preservation of Electric Ladybug Garden in Harlem! A former vacant public lot is now the site of film screenings, community gatherings, and children's concerts like the one pictured above (photographed by Murray Cox). Come by tomorrow, ... read the rest

News from the Acres - September 15, 2016 15 September 2016

let's make forgotten spaces into treasured places This morning, 596 Acres joined advocates citywide at City Hall to testify on the Housing Not Warehousing Act. The Act will add transparency and accountability to vacant public and private properties in our neighborhoods: "The story that we often hear is that real ... read the rest

News from the Acres - September 1, 2016 01 September 2016

what can you do in a community garden? When neighbors organize to create and preserve NYC’s community spaces, they’re creating the potential for so much more to take place. On Monday evening, 1100 Bergen Street Community Garden in Crown Heights held Sew WHAT in the Garden – a clothing swap ... read the rest

News from the Acres - August 18, 2016 18 August 2016

we made it out of vacant public land In early 2013, Bushwick’s youth-run composting service BK Rot, identified vacant lots on Myrtle Avenue as a future place to compost food scraps and spread environmental stewardship with 596 Acres’ help. They led a community land access advocacy campaign that expanded to ... read the rest

News from the Acres - August 4, 2016 04 August 2016

we built this city Keap Fourth Community Garden on Williamsburg's Southside is open every day: the gates are opened by a garden member every morning and closed at dusk so neighbors can stop in whenever they feel like, rain or shine (there is a shelter to protect visitors from water ... read the rest

News from the Acres - July 14, 2016 14 July 2016

hand built city Cleaning the office we found this vintage 2012 map of opportunities for community land access on Williamsburg's Southside in Brooklyn. Of the six we identified then, four have been transformed into permanent community spaces by neighbors organizing with our guidance. One became a building, and one remains ... read the rest

News from the Acres - June 30, 2016 30 June 2016

#thislandisyourland GUEST BLOG: DECENTRALIZED ORGANIZING Greenpoint, Brooklyn - Java Street Community Garden member Gabriel Park says there are 3 major components you need to “decentralize your organization:” good structure for the group, someone to be the secretary at all times, and clear communication. Read on for specific tips and tricks!JOIN ... read the rest

News from the Acres - June 16, 2016 16 June 2016

Plant ‘til you’re planted! JOIN US: 596 ACRES GENERAL MEETING THIS SATURDAYWhether you're a community land steward, stuck in the middle of a land access campaign or just curious about how to get started, come get the scoop this Saturday, June 18 from 2:30pm to 4pm. Meet in front of ... read the rest

News from the Acres - June 2, 2016 01 June 2016

Don’t go through life, GROW through life! NEWS FROM THE ORGANIZING ACRESMelrose, Bronx - On Sunday, June 5 at 10:30 am, future Hill Street Gardeners will be meeting in the Community Room at 820 St. Ann’s Ave, right next to the hill, to see plans produced by 596 Acres' pro ... read the rest

News from the Acres - May 20, 2016 20 May 2016

#eminentdomain4good Community gardens are not only places to grow fresh food and enjoy the great outdoors with your neighbors. They are also prime locations for pop-up libraries, shows, art-making, meal-sharing, and all kinds of educational and cultural programming that make communities vibrant and strong. Take 462 Halsey Community Garden, pictured ... read the rest

News from the Acres - May 7, 2016 07 May 2016

slow as turtles (and just as persistent) The battle for the preservation of Bushwick's Eldert Street Garden continues. This week we challenged the illegal sale of the land in court. Full details in DNAinfo. For over two years, 596 Acres coordinated defensive and affirmative legal actions, recruited and managed pro ... read the rest

News from the Acres - April 29, 2016 29 April 2016

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.” - Jane Jacobs Last Tuesday, 596 Acres facilitated a design workshop for a long fenced-off hill in the South Bronx, a key step in turning this long-vacant public lot into Hill ... read the rest

News from the Acres - April 21, 2016 21 April 2016

la lucha continua NEXT SATURDAY: BIKE RIDE TO COMMUNITY SPACES IN JEOPARDY Saturday, April 30 at 12pm, 596 Acres and Public Space Party host the Gardens are Community, Community Spaces in Jeopardy Ride (it was postponed to this date due to rain). We will start in Little Italy and head ... read the rest

News from the Acres - April 6, 2016 06 April 2016

blooming with you Flowers are a sign of spring and our sings are a sign of flowers to come. Thanks so much to the Green City Force cohort (pictured above) who is following up on our workshop last week by labeling lots in all five boroughs! Organizers we met at ... read the rest

News from the Acres - March 17, 2016 17 March 2016

on our way! NEWS FROM THE ORGANIZING ACRESOn March 8, South Bronx residents, SoBRO staff, and 596 Acres’ Paula Z. Segal met with Department of Transportation Bronx Commissioner Constance Moran to agree to work together towards turning a huge abandoned roadbed in Melrose into Hill Street Community Garden! Are you ... read the rest