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News from the Acres

News from the Acres - November 25, 2015 25 November 2015

Thankful to be building the big picture, together, one space at a time. 596 ACRES IS YOU: DONATE HERE. This holiday season, we're sharing ‪#‎596Stories‬ - stories and pictures from four years of 596 Acres: hard work, unlocking fences, community dialogue, sunflowers, tomatoes, playing, growing, fighting side by side for ... read the rest

News from the Acres - November 20, 2015 20 November 2015

It's not about beautification, it's about participation. The Roger That! Garden and Eldert Street Garden are not getting evicted! Both cases were discontinued in response to gardeners' motions. Check out Gothamist's great summary of three of 596 Acres' eviction prevention efforts on behalf of Brooklyn communities (including a win for ... read the rest

News from the Acres - November 13, 2015 13 November 2015

winning, with you Hello from 596 Acres! As we approach the end of a productive and exciting year in community land access, we are taking stock of all we have accomplished together and planning ahead for continued advocacy and growth. Can you please help us in three ways? 1. Can ... read the rest

News from the Acres - November 7, 2015 07 November 2015

We are looking for resilience NOT stability, a system that adjusts over time. -Tine De Moor #urbancommons #cocities #commonsconference Thanks to the Awesome Foundation for supporting our facilitation of a new vision for an old train track in Long Island City with Smiling Hogshead Ranch this month! Join us at ... read the rest

News from the Acres - October 29, 2015 29 October 2015

the superheroes have arrived! #EMINENTDOMAIN4GOOD !On Friday, October 23, 2015, Senator Jesse Hamilton introduced a bill in the New York State Senate to preserve the Maple Street Community Garden (S6073). If passed, the State Parks Department will acquire the property and turn it over to the GreenThumb program for continued ... read the rest

News from the Acres - October 22, 2015 22 October 2015

keeping what we've got and making more This week, Gothamist published a great look at how the gardens we have been working to protect and vulnerable homeowners in NYC are all being victimized by speculative illegal development: Fraudsters Are Scooping Up Community Gardens to Build Housing. Scroll down for more ... read the rest

News from the Acres - October 18, 2015 18 October 2015

keeping the public on public land (maybe buildings, too) Today, our office is open for Gowanus Open Studios, 1-5pm. Come by 540 President Street in Brooklyn to say hello (I'll be there!), pick up some Community Governance Cards and explore our Print Archive in person. It has been a busy ... read the rest

News from the Acres - October 8, 2015 08 October 2015

With newest Green For Your Green ($!) and a fabulous job posting Maple Street Community Garden in Prospect Lefferts, Brooklyn: We're Winning and We Need YouThis week, the Maple Street Community Garden compost committee found the garden illegally locked with a heavy padlock and chain, despite a court order from ... read the rest

News from the Acres - October 1, 2015 01 October 2015

"Build it and they will come" - Victor Maldonado, Hill Street Community Garden 596 Acres General Meeting this evening!Today, October 1, we are braving the storm for a 596 Acres General Meeting! From 6-7:30pm we gather at Smiling Hogshead Ranch, in Long Island City, 25-30 Skillman Avenue, Queens, NY 11101. ... read the rest

News From the Acres - September 24, 2015 24 September 2015

"When we work in our community gardens, we take back our fundamental right to work the land, and call a piece of earth our own, no matter how small. And we do it together.” - Kim Anderson, Eldert Street Garden Gil of Smiling Hogshead Ranch walks the area that is ... read the rest

News from the Acres - September 17, 2015 17 September 2015

"I love it when a plan comes together." - Victor Maldonado, Hill Street Community Garden organizer A young gardener looks at a scarlet runner bean flower at Keap Fourth Community Garden.596 Acres General MeetingJoin 596 Acres for our next General Meeting on Thursday, October 1 from 6-7:30 pm at the ... read the rest

News from the Acres - September 10, 2015 10 September 2015

"Harvest season!" Keeping the plants hydrated at 462 Halsey Community Garden. Photo by Steven Duarte.596 Acres will be at the GreenThumb Harvest Fair this Saturday! The fair will celebrate community gardens across the city with workshops, music, and of course, fresh food! We at 596 Acres will be hanging out, ... read the rest

News from the Acres - September 3, 2015 03 September 2015

"Das ist unser Land" Hanging out underneath the willow tree at Maple Street Community Garden. Photo by Nancy Treuber.Our office is back open! We would like to welcome Andrew Meeker, the new NYC Community Land Access Program Manager, who will be picking up where Mary left off. Feel free to ... read the rest

News from the Acres - July 30, 2015 30 July 2015

see you in september! On Monday evening at the Green and Government Club of PS 146 held an event in the pavedtriangular Department of Transportation-owned lot where Coles Street meets Hamilton Avenue in Brooklyn to raise community support for the native plant and butterfly garden the students envision in its ... read the rest

News from the Acres - July 23, 2015 23 July 2015

FRIDAY! 596 *FUN*RAISER With 596 Acres help, New Yorkers have turned 32 vacant lots into community parks, gardens, and gathering spaces since 2011. That's a lot of new growing beds and new friendships! We need your support so that we can help even more of our neighbors replace vacant lots ... read the rest