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"I'm So Lucky You Found Me: public land inside the city" is a handmade book by 596 Acres and collaborator Daniel Eizirik, a Brasilian artist who spent winter 2012-13 documenting the experience of transforming Brooklyn's acres. You can read about the process (and see some images) here.

This is 596 Acres' first book! We learned so much making it - about the life of lots in various stages of transformation, about printing and scoring and hand-stitching books, and about the connections between Brooklyn's neighborhoods. These books are lovely if we might say so ourselves. Here's an article, with some images of the inside, from our friends at Inhabitat.

The books are on the shelves at some places we like a lot: 

Bergen Street Comics 
470 Bergen Street 

Printed Matter
195 Tenth Avenue 

Build It Green
69 9th Street 

La Jicara Librespacio Cultural
Porfirio Díaz 1105
Colonia Centro, Oaxaca de Juárez

Bluestockings Book & Activist Center
172 Allen Street

You can also order them directly from us using the big button above. All proceeds go to support 596 Acres.                                                                  


Here are PDFs of our print materials (feel free to make your own edition!):

There are 596 acres of vacant public land in Brooklyn. (Originally produced for the New Ideas for the New City Festival, May 2011, design by Julia Samuels).

There's Land If You Want It (Brooklyn) (April 2012, design by Julia Samuels). 

A Visioning Session Information Brochure (April 2012, design by Julia Samuels).

You've Found the Lot in Your LIfe -- NOW WHAT? (April 2012, illustrated by Hannah Learner).

East Bed Stuy Organizing Map (Originally produced for the 462 Halsey Opening and Earth Day Celebration, April 22, 2012, designed by Julia Samuels). 

South Williamsburg Organizing Map (Originally produced for the NYCCGC Unconference, June 2012, design by Julia Samuels).

There's Land If You Want It (Manhattan) (June 2012; design by Mauro Carichini). 

This is Rockaway, Queens. There's Land If You Want It (June 2012; design by Tres Romer & Julia Samuels).

There's Land If You Want It (Queens) (August 2012; design by Tres Romer & Julia Samuels). 

HAS ENCONTRADO UN LOTE VACANTE... (September 2012, design by Jessica Finley).
596 Acres 2011-2012 Recap (December 2012, design by Julia Samuels).

BRONX , HAY TIERRA SI LA QUIERES (April 2013, design by Laura Alvarez). 

BRONX, There is land if you want it (April 2013, design by Laura Alvarez).

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND (July 2013, design by Partner & Partners)

Our silkscreen prints of Brooklyn, fabulous Julia Samuels creations, are available on Etsy and at Printed Matter in NYC (address above). 

22" x 30" 3-color hand pulled screen print, published by the artist in an edition of 85.  This archival version of 596 Acres' Brooklyn broadsheet features a map of Brooklyn, NY with all publicly owned vacant lots highlighted.